DC UPS power module Uninterrupted power Computer Access control Security DC backup power
DC UPS power module Uninterrupted power Computer Access control Security DC backup power
DC UPS power module Uninterrupted power Computer Access control Security DC backup power

DC UPS power module Uninterrupted power Computer Access control Security DC backup power

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Product model: UPS-1228-12
Product description
UPS-1228-12 is a high efficiency DC UPS power module, designed for the needs of DC backup power applications. The module supports the wide range of input voltage, lead-acid batteries, lithium ion, lithium polymer, lithium iron phosphate battery as a backup battery, has perfect charging management function, at the same time onboard automatic lifting pressure regulator circuit, DC power supply voltage can be provided directly to the device after. When switching between the input power and the battery, the output voltage is stable, and the load operation is not affected.
When the input power supply is charged, the module is charged to the battery, and the power supply to the power supply device after the output voltage is regulated at the same time. When the input power is cut off, the module automatically switches to the battery power supply, and the power supply to the device is provided with a voltage stabilized voltage, and the switching time is zero, and the load operation is not affected. When the battery power supply, the board MCU can monitor the battery voltage in real time, when the battery discharge to the set voltage threshold voltage, the power supply automatically turns off the output, and enters the low power consumption sleep mode. The power supply can be started only when the input power is restored or the battery voltage is restored to the threshold voltage.
Note that the charging part of this module is a buck charge, the input power supply voltage must be higher than the charging battery charge cutoff voltage 1V to charge. For example, the battery is lead-acid battery 12V, the charging voltage is 13.8V, then the input power to 14.8V ~ 28V DC power supply, we can choose common 19V or 24V power adapter as input power.
Module comes with an automatic voltage regulator circuit, no matter how many volts input power supply or battery voltage, the output voltage can be adjusted between 28V ~ 3V.
Application range
L for a single 12V power supply to provide backup power supply
L access control, security backup power supply
L industrial control system backup power supply
Product features
L wide input voltage range: 10 ~ 28V
L high power regulated output 100W (output 12V, 8.3A)
L output seamless switching, input power off automatically switch to the battery power supply, the output voltage is uninterrupted, zero switching time.
L output voltage: can be adjusted between 2 ~ 28V, but also can choose a fixed output voltage type (2 ~ 28V optional), please specify. Default shipping for adjustable type
L output current: 8.3A, peak value 10A
L input current: Max 15A
L output over current, short circuit protection, even if the output is not afraid of short circuit, the circuit will automatically protect
L support lead acid battery, lithium ion, lithium polymer, lithium iron phosphate battery
L charging voltage adjustable (4-23V)
L charging current can be adjusted (0.5-5A)
L 3 stage high efficiency trickle, constant current, constant voltage charging, full stop, to prevent overcharge
L 4 LED status indicator, the realization of the input power, charging, discharging and battery under voltage of the status indicator
L real time battery voltage monitoring, automatic cutting off the output, the protection of the battery
L adjustable battery under voltage protection threshold voltage
L adjustable battery starting threshold voltage
Unless otherwise stated, the working conditions are: input voltage 16V, 12V lead acid battery, output 12V@8A, ambient temperature 25
Input voltage range
Max input current (input fuse limit)
Standby current
working temperature
45 ~ 85 C
Storage temperature
45 ~ 125 C
100000 hrs @ 50C
Volume (length X width X height)
Net weight
70 grams
Battery connector
Sewing terminals (optional 5557 2P)
Input / output connector
Sewing terminals (optional 5557 4P)
Charging characteristics
Charging voltage
4-23V continuous adjustable
Charging current
0.5-5A continuous adjustable
Trickle charge current
Charging current 1/10
Charge termination current
When the charge current drops to the set value of 1/10, the charge is over.
Charging conversion efficiency
Output voltage regulation characteristic
output voltage
2-28V continuous adjustable
Output current
output power
conversion efficiency
Output ripple
stabilized voltage precision
J1: battery interface (battery positive and negative) 5557-2P
J2: input power interface 5557-4P
J3: output power interface 5557-4P
J4: main board on / off control output. As a backup power supply of the computer, the module can control the main board switch through the J4, and send the command to the main board when the battery is under voltage.
J5, J7:
J7 open circuit: J5 closed start power, disconnect the power supply, each power on the need to re open the J5 re closed before you can turn on the power.
J7 short circuit: J5 closed start power supply, disconnect the power supply, power up as long as the J5 closed automatically start power. J7 default open circuit
The user can choose the appropriate starting mode according to the practical requirements.
J6: delay setting jumper (this jumper only for load for computer motherboard applications, other cases not set (model 0)
The outer lead out terminal of the J8:LED1-LED3 is required to be connected with an external LED when the socket is led out.
VR1: charge current regulation potentiometer
VR2: charging voltage regulation potentiometer
VR3: battery threshold voltage regulation potentiometer
VR4: battery under voltage protection threshold voltage regulation potentiometer
VR5: output voltage regulating potentiometer
LED1: input power indicator light, blue. When the input power is normal
LED2: after the completion of the charging light, red, charge in the
LED3: in charge of this light, green, after the completion of the charge out. When the battery is discharged, the battery voltage falls below the threshold voltage of VSTART, and the lamp flashes. When the battery voltage is less than the voltage of under voltage VUVP, the power supply can not be started, the lamp flashes 2 times, and the battery is under pressure.
LED4: output voltage indicator, red, when the output voltage is bright, the output off when the
Before using this module, please do not have to read the following instructions carefully, so as to avoid unnecessary loss. Set the wrong charging voltage, charging current, output voltage will damage the module, the battery, and even the load. Before wiring, do not have to confirm the battery, the power of the positive and negative polarity, then the wrong or grounding will cause damage to the module or the battery
1 connect input power
The input power supply voltage should be higher than the battery\'s charge cut-off voltage at least 1V, otherwise the charge is not charged. For example, 12V lead-acid battery charging cut-off voltage of 13.8V, when the input power is to choose 14.8V above the power supply, 16V, 19V, 24V can be.
2 adjust the charging voltage
First do not connect the battery, with a universal meter to monitor the voltage of the battery terminal, the regulator board on the potentiometer VR2, so that the charging voltage to meet the requirements of the battery used. Clockwise to adjust the small charge voltage, the counter clockwise.
Note that when the charging voltage is regulated, the charging voltage is constantly changing, which is a pulse voltage of the charger in the automatic detection of the battery. Just jump the highest voltage to the appropriate value can be adjusted. Do not connect the battery charging voltage regulating module or battery, otherwise will burn out.



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