KQ-130F power line carrier module / without any external components

KQ-130F power line carrier module / without any external components

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A, KQ-130F series performance:
1 integrated KQ-330F module and the peripheral circuit of the carrier plate, without the need for other coupling components, direct connection of 220V AC. Size 53 x 38 x 17 mm (L * D * H), single row leads (see below) 1, 2 feet by 220V AC power without direction (1 feet, 2 feet, 2 feet spacing 2X0.1 inches), 3 feet 1.1 inches apart, among the other foot spacing of 0.1 inches.
2 working frequency 120 ~ 135KHZ, the interface baud rate 9600bps. Actual baud rate 100bps.
3 a frame of continuous transmission of the maximum length is less than or equal to 252 bytes, a continuous transmission frame length from 1 to 252 is defined by the user, the module does not send redundant data
4 receiving sensitivity is less than or equal to 1mV
The 5 band suppression was greater than 60 dB
6 bandwidth is less than 10 KHZ
7 500V = 500M insulation resistance
8 power supply: DC +5V = 11mA when sending receiving: less than 230mA
9 power frequency insulation withstand voltage: AC to GND between 3000V 1min test no breakdown, no leakage current.
10 lightning resistance: TVS tube protection board, from the PCB board wiring selection of components are selected according to the wide temperature, high pressure, high pressure shock resistance design.
Working temperature: 11 -25 ~70 DEG C humidity is less than 90%
1P - AC:220V AC voltage FireWire (or zero line)
2P - AC:220V AC voltage zero line (or FireWire)
3P - +5V:+5V transmit power supply (210mA), if single data can be left to reduce power consumption
4P - GND: digital circuit ground wire
5P - +5V:+5V power supply 11mA, the minimum operating voltage can be 3.3V, but not recommended
6P - RX:TTL level, carrier data into the microcontroller TXD
7P - TX:TTL level, carrier data out, then the MCU RXD
8P - MODE: mode selection, suspended or connected to 5V is high, the ground is low
9P - NC/RST: reset pin (active low) in the use of frequent switching mode. Without this function, pins should be suspended
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