USB to CAN USB-CAN debugger / USB2CAN Adapter with 1000V isolation/CAN Bus Analyzer

USB to CAN USB-CAN debugger / USB2CAN Adapter with 1000V isolation/CAN Bus Analyzer

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The USB-CAN debugger is a CAN bus debugger with the USB2.0 interface and the CAN interface. Through the USB-CAN debugger, the computer can be connected to the standard CAN network through the USB interface, you can facilitate, fast, accurate data transmission, collection, processing and so on. The USB-CAN debugger supports arbitrary baud rates between 5Kbps-1Mbps and is widely used in building fieldbus testing laboratories, industrial control, intelligent buildings, automotive electronics, and other fields. At the same time, USB-CAN debugger has the advantages of small size, plug and play, security and stability. It is the best choice for users of portable system.
Application field:
The CAN network teaching, development, testing;
The fast CAN network data acquisition, data analysis;
The CAN network instead of RS485 network;
The large flow, high speed CAN communication network;
The industrial CAN network data monitoring.
Main performance index:
The circuit adopts the high-speed optocoupler isolation part DC/DC+ (1000V), suitable for industrial environment;
The USB interface supports USB2.0 and is compatible with USB1.1;
The USB and CAN bus protocol conversion;
Support CAN protocol 2.0A and 2.0B active mode;
Support two-way transmission, CAN transceiver;
Support CAN standard format identifier (11 bits) and extended format (29 bit);
Support remote data frame, frame format;
The CAN controller baud rate up to 1Mbps, can the software configuration;
Support automatic retransmission mode, through software configuration;
Support automatic offline management mode, through software configuration;
Support 14 filters, can be configured by software;
The PC software supports graphical multi channel curve shows that can replace the logic analyzer, improve the efficiency of debugging, to find the problem;
It provides user programming instructions and communication library source file (VC++), support two times development;
Support WINXP/WIN7 32/64.
Interface description:
The two terminals of the R R are connected to 120 Euro terminal resistors and are disconnected from the 120 Euro terminal resistors



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